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How to maintain the steel fire door
Time: 2018-01-30 17:36:07     

    There is a growing demand for steel fire doors, but do you know how to maintain them? We can see a lot of public security of gangway have installed steel fire door, in order to prevent fire steel fire door can have the effect of fire smoke insulation, steel fire door also can saying is the door of our protection, so steel fire door operation not use at ordinary times we how should maintain? So many people ask, how do you maintain a steel fire door?

1, put an end to the evacuation walkways, before the smoke prevention stair room or share room before setting often closed fire doors in the process of using artificially make its normally open, become a "normally open" fire door, in the event of fire, such a "normally open" fire door don't stop the smoke and fire prevention role;

2, check the integrity of the fire door, see the door closers, order was wired, could fire door in order to shut down, hinge, hinge on whether the screw loose, if there is any damage shall be immediately tissue repair;

3, put an end to use unit one-sided pursuit of adornment effect, set the fire door frame to cancel but only ordinary wood door cover, to replace the original border of the door leaf with other materials, a wide range of labeled with adornment layer, thus destroy the fireproofing coating, not fire prevention effect;

4, to often open fire door to regularly test, check on its own, door closers, closed control system, the order and release the switch was wired, whether can be in to actually play to the function of the closed when the fire broke out, at the same time to prevent the often open fire door firmly stacked items at random.

5, fire door of change garments according to the time to towel with water or soap water to wet, then wipe the fire door, this can avoid door, because of the stained with dust caused by rust, if this time can maintenance work done, so will be able to guarantee product in the case of weather shocks to ensure good fireproof effect. Regular cleaning and maintenance is important. Can make product fire protection effect to be strengthened.